A 30-year-old married woman discovers that she is a man after being diagnosed with testicular cancer

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Woman finds out that she is a man after 30 years
Woman finds out that she is a man after 30 years

New Delhi : What if one day you went to the doctor for a checkup only to find out that you aren't who you thought you are? Well, this is exactly what happened with a woman quite recently. Recently a 30-year-old woman from Kolkata went to the hospital as she was struggling with abdominal pain. She is a resident of Birbhum and has been married for 9 years now and was rushed to the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital a few months ago. Upon arrival, the doctors conducted a number of tests and it resulted in a shocking discovery. 

They found out that she had a pair of undeveloped testicles inside her body which meant that she was actually a man and it doesn't end there. They found out that she has been suffering from testicular cancer. The tests revealed that she had a very rare condition known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. In this condition, the person is biologically a male and has XY chromosome instead of XX which is found in women but due to the lack of testosterone secretion and the female hormones led to the development of a feminine voice and breasts which gave her a proper appearance of a woman. 

The doctors say that she has normal external genitalia but it is actually a blind vagina, which means that she does not have any uterus and ovaries since birth. Aside from that, the woman has never experienced mensuration cycle and the couple has also been struggling to conceive. Clinical oncologist Dr Anupam Dutta and surgical oncologist Dr Soumen Das managed to discover her hidden identity that even she was unaware of. 

The doctors claim that she is undergoing chemotherapy and is stable as of now but this incident has been a major revelation for the couple and is bound to take a toll on them. The woman has grown up believing to be a female and this has come as a shock. This condition is so rare that only 1 out of 22,000 people suffer from this condition. Her genetic identity is that of a male and she is now undergoing counselling along with her husband. The doctors have advised the couple to continue living their lives like earlier but the fact is that this might be in her genes. Other members of her family have been diagnosed with a similar condition in the past.