A heartwarming letter for 93-year-old from a 5-year-old neighbor

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A heartwarming letter for 93-year-old from a 5-year-old neighbor
A heartwarming letter for 93-year-old from a 5-year-old neighbor

New Delhi : People across the world have gone into self isolation to prevent themselves from the spreading coronavirus. The maximum impact of it can be seen on the elderly people who are finding it difficult to cope up with the sudden change in the environment. Amid this entire crisis, the minimum one can do is provide mental support to each other. Just like the story shared by a Twitter user involving a 93-year-old man and his 5-year-old neighbour.

"My Grandad is 93 and currently in isolation of course - but is in very good health," the user of the micro-blogging site wrote. He also mentioned that how a 5-year-old wrote a letter to check the health of the old man. The best part is that he replied to her too.

“Just please read, it should make you smile,” the Twitter user urged in the post’s concluding line and also shared images of the letters.

The post and the letter is so heart warming that it instantly received love from all people and was liked by 100k in no time.

While some confessed the exchange left them teary-eyed with happiness, others couldn’t get over the fact that it’s absolutely adorable. A few also shared similar letters they received from their neighbours.

“Ok, who’s bloody cutting onions in here?!? That’s adorable,” wrote a Twitter user. “Please tell your Grandad that he is an absolute legend. This has really warmed my heart. Stay safe,” expressed another. “I feel quite lifted by this a 5yr old and a 93yr old becoming mates,” tweeted a third. “This is the loveliest thing! Really heartwarming. Your grandad is so sweet in his response and Kirah is very kind. May they inspire a wave of kindness, reminding us all to be Kirah at number 9!” wrote a fourth.