Google shares tips to make WiFi work better as you work from home

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Google shares tips to make WiFi work better as you work from home
Google shares tips to make WiFi work better as you work from home

New Delhi : The Covid-19 outbreak has locked the world indoors and many companies are operating with work from home options; the bigger challenge is increased internet load on the companies. With increased strain on the WiFi devices, netizens have been complaining of poor connectivity.

According to a study conducted by Google, 81% people said that they have experienced issues with their Wi-Fi at home. Google has tried to answer the queries which may help many internet users.

Here’s are some tips by Google, that will make your home Wi-Fi even better:

Place your router in the centre of your house

Wi-Fi signals get weaker as you move farther away from your router. So, if you keep your router near the front door, it is possible that the room farthest from your front door may not get signals strong enough for you to attend a conference meeting without a hitch.

“So if you can, place your router as centrally as possible within your home, though this may not always be possible depending on where your internet provider brings in the connection,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Consider a mesh network

A mesh network, as Google explains is a group of routers that wirelessly communicate with each other to create a single, connected Wi-Fi network. Such a system allows you to have multiple sources of powerful Wi-Fi throughout your home while eliminating the need to depend on just one main router. It also provides consistently strong connectivity in all corners of the house.

Make sure your router is up to date

If you have been using your existing router for more than three or four, check to make sure it supports 5GHz Wi-Fi signals. “Upgrade your router to at least an 802.11ac system so you can also use 5GHz frequencies, which are like the autobahn of Wi-Fi,” Google added.

Always make your network password-protected

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have consistent network connectivity in your house is by adding a password to your network. “Choose a strong password that’s tough for anyone to guess, but easy for you to remember.”

This would ensure that no one else uses your network and slows it down.

Create a separate Wi-Fi network for guests

If you get a lot of guests, chances are you’ve handed out your Wi-Fi password to a lot of people. Setting up a guest network creates a second Wi-Fi network in your home so your guests can have a great experience while your own devices stay secure and private.