Coronavirus: Man buys a pure gold face mask worth nearly 3 lakhs which might not be effective

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Face Mask
Face Mask

Pune : The global coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. The masks, gloves and sanitizers are slowly becoming the new normal. Designer brands are working hard to come up with numerous designer and colourful masks to add some colour and hope to our lives. A while ago the government made wearing a mask in public mandatory for all the people. This has forced people to wear boring face masks everywhere they go and every time they step out of their homes be it for buying groceries or for an event or while heading to the medical store. Wearing your mask is essential and the only way to stay safe and protected from coronavirus in a time like this. This has led to a lot of people going crazy and buying "designer" face masks and what not! But could you ever imagine someone wearing a mask made of some precious metal?

In a surprising move, a man from Pune got himself of a mask made of gold. Shankar Kurade went all out and got himself a mask made out of gold which is worth nearly 3 lakh rupees. While people across the country are making DIY masks and trying to help out everybody around them, this man was immoderate when it came to staying safe.

This resident of Pimpri Chinchwad of Pune district went and bought himself a lavish gold face mask after he came across people wearing silver masks on social media. This mask weighs 5 and a half pounds and is very thin. It has minute holes in it which ensure that there is no difficulty in breathing. While this mask is one of the most expensive masks, he has no idea if this mask is effective or not. It is simply a mask made by a goldsmith who lacks the experience and knowledge needed to make a protective mask.

Surprisingly he isn't the first one to go overboard in order to protect himself. A jeweller from Bangalore-Maharashtra border has added a shocking new ornament in his collection. He is selling silver face masks for people who want to look extravagant for their wedding or other such occasions.