Daily habits for ultimate happiness

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For representational use [Photo credit : easykeytosuccess.com]
For representational use [Photo credit : easykeytosuccess.com]

New Delhi : “There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”

– Freya Stark

I was experiencing waves of panic since the past month, every time I felt I was about to die, the pain being unbearable. I was longing for a normal life and expecting a miracle, a quick fix somehow, but nothing seemed to worked. And one day when I wanted again to hold everything, I realised the problem was my constant worrying and making predictions in my head about all situations. I know many can relate this with, and so I kept indulging in unhealthy food, spending money to keep my mind away from all the anxiety. So after giving myself time, I realised what and how I was doing in my daily routine, and what repetitive habits had turned to my unhappiness.

1.We worry about the things not happened yet 

2. Things we want them to be else we complain

3. Reactions to all our problems seems same.

So I took small steps towards my unhealthy lifestyle instead of making it a goal.

Suggestions to a happy life 

1.Awareness! How are we living daily life's and the choices governing them

2.Prayer! Praying and thanking God for every good thing in life also helps in overcoming anger, hate, jealously, blames , pray as many times you can in a day and slowly a new perspective will appear towards a fulfilling healthy life.

3. Acceptance! I used to get frustrated when things didn’t go as planned plans. But battling with the happening never changed anything; instead, it just pushed me back. When I started accepting whatever happened, I relieved myself from pointless anguish.