"How the email found me" meme goes viral and is relatable

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Email Meme (Image: Twitter)
Email Meme (Image: Twitter)

New Delhi : If you do not like your job and working for it is a difficult things to sail through, then working through it in the pandemic times and adding anxieties is just another level. To ease things out, people have found a satire to the opening lines of professional communication: "Hope this email finds you well."

Many of the working professionals are sharing their real state of mind while reading the line on the emails.

This has led to a hilarious trend on Twitter, where people are using pictures to explain how the email found them. The format is simple: People write "Hope the email finds you well" and then add "How the email found me", attaching pictures that convey anger, exhaustion, volatile mood swings and everything in between.

These memes are way too funny and relatable to most of us. Here are some of the tweets shared by people on the meme.

How did the email found you? Share with us in the comment section below.