Stray dog found painted like a tiger, people outraged in Malaysia

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Image of stray dog shared by animalMalaysia
Image of stray dog shared by animalMalaysia

Malaysia : Authorities and animal lovers in Malaysia are outraged to see a stray dog painted like a tiger with orange and black stripes. Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia or the Malaysian Animal Association shared images of the dog on Facebook, where they have led to an outpouring of anger and demands that the accused be arrested.

The authorities have asked for more information on the incident to trace down the culprits who apparently harmed the animal.

"Help Animal Malaysia identify the location and who this animal belongs to," the animal rights group wrote while sharing four photos of the dog. The pics show the canine roaming the streets of an unidentified city, its fur painted a bright orange with black stripes.

The group has announced a mysterious award for the ones who gives relevant information about the incident. 

Meanwhile, the photos of the dog have gone viral on the social media.

"Not funny, this is animal abuse," wrote one person in the comments section, while another said, "What a pity. He looks sad."