Karwa Chauth 2018: Here's why women use sieve to see their husbands

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Karwa Chauth 2018 is on October 27. Hindu women across the globe are preparing to celebrate the day with full devotion. While most festivals are performed by keeping fast, Karwa Chauth is one such Hindu festival which speaks about the importance of sieve. Along with all the accessories in the 'puja ki thali', there remains a special place for sieve which is used to see the moon first and then the husband. Following this, the husbands should offer water to their wives so that they can conclude their fasting. 

Now, you must have seen the Karwa Chauth worship style many times but have ever thought why both husband and moon are seen through sieve? What is the reason behind this? If you don't know then spare some time to read this article.

According to Hindu beliefs, the moon is considered to be the form of Lord Brahma and the moon is associated with long life boon. Properties like beauty, coolness, love, fame and longevity are found in the moon. That's why all the women wish to see the moon first, that all these qualities would be in their husbands.

Meanwhile, another legend says that there were seven sons and a daughter of a moneylender. Daughter kept the fast of Karva Chauth for her husband's long life. At night when all the brothers started to eat, they invited their sister to eat too. But the sister said - "Brother! The moon has not come out yet; to hear this sister's sister, the brothers planned to feed their sister. 

The brothers kept somewhere far away and took the sieve to the sister and showed her light and said that - sister! The moon has come out. Make a meal by offering it half way. Thus, his vow was broken by deceit and husband became very sick. 

Such a deception does not happen with any other married woman, so sieve is used to see the moon.