Moustache restored using pubic hair, Doc saves man suffering Alopecia Areata disorder

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Moustache restored using pubic hair, Doc saves man suffering Alopecia Areata disorder
Moustache restored using pubic hair, Doc saves man suffering Alopecia Areata disorder

In a unique incident, Dr. Deepu Sati, Facial Aesthatic Surgeon, Renew Aesthetics of Thiruvananthapuram, (Kerala) has bagged the World Record for carrying out a moustache hair transplantation using pubic hair for Alopecia Areata Disorder.

A Kerala-based man suffering from Alopecia Areata was at the verge of commiting suicide after dramatic hairloss from scalp, moustache and eyebrows due to the disease. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune  disorder that results in unpredictable hair loss from various parts of the body.

The man says “ It became increasingly troublesome to face the society in the daily life. The hairloss affected my self-esteem and dented my mental health. I consulted many dermatologist but the they all were opined, “there is no history of hair transplantation in patients suffering from this disease. I was left with no other option than ending my life due to the embarrasment i faced daily. Now i can say that i am given a new life by Dr. Deepu. He has saved me. I cannot thank him enough for this surgery that helped me restore my moustache and pride as well."

He decided to visit Dr Renew Aesthetics Clinic in Murinjaplam in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram. Dr Deepu Sati refused to give up and performed a moustache transplant in him with the help of hair from other parts of his body. The treatment became fully successful in a span of 9 months. The treatment report was submitted by Dr Deepu Sati, following which the world fue institute conference turkey, announced that the achievement was first of its own kind in the history of medicine.

Dr. Deepu Sati, said, "Alopecia areata is a typical autoimmune condition that frequently causes erratic hair loss. White blood cells attack the cells in hair follicles, causing them to contract and noticeably reduce the rate of hair growth. What specifically triggers the body's immune system to assault hair follicles in this manner is unknown. It is stated that inventions are born out of necessity. In my opinion, innovation may change the game just as much as invention. I'm inspired to make greater contributions in this area and work to eradicate the stigma associated with alopecia."

New Delhi :

Christopher Tyler Craft, Union Record Manager of World Records in America, felicitated Dr Deepu Sati in Thiruvananthapuram by handing him over the status of world record. Record Examiner and Coordinator Dr Shahul Hameed also attended the ceremony.