Organic Farming stalls attract visitors at the FPO Mela in Dilli Haat

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Organic Farming stalls attract visitors at the FPO Mela in Dilli Haat
Organic Farming stalls attract visitors at the FPO Mela in Dilli Haat

New Delhi : The Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, in collaboration with F2DF Private Limited, proudly announces the grand inauguration of the FPO Mela at Dilli Haat- INA in New Delhi. The event, set to run from July 6th to July 8th, 2024, is expected to draw a vibrant crowd of over 10,000 visitors each day, showcasing the rich diversity of India's agricultural products and practices.

In a significant endorsement of this initiative, the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of India, Sh. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, will inaugurate the event. The FPO Mela aims to promote Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and create a platform for various agricultural value chain partners and eco-system operators to converge and collaborate.

Rahul Dhingra, the organizer of FPO Mela, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are proud to provide a platform for farmers across the country to showcase their products. This mela brings together participants from eight states, offering a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and business growth."

One of the many satisfied participants, Surajmal Puniya, a farmer from Mansa, Punjab, shared his excitement. "I am delighted with how well-organized this mela is. On my stall, visitors can find three flavors of honey, chemical-free turmeric, Basmati rice, kachi ghani mustard oil, and five types of super millet seeds. This platform allows us to reach a wider audience and promote our organic products."

The mela offers an array of stalls featuring organic and chemical-free products, attracting a diverse crowd eager to explore and purchase. One enthusiastic visitor, a woman who wished to remain anonymous, remarked, "This mela is a fantastic initiative. It's wonderful to see so many organic and high-quality products in one place. The atmosphere is lively and inviting, and I’m excited to support our local farmers."

As the FPO Mela continues over the next three days, the organizers encourage everyone to visit, explore, and make the most of this vibrant celebration of organic farming. The event promises not only a variety of high-quality agricultural products but also a rich cultural experience, connecting consumers directly with the farmers who cultivate their food.

Join us at Dilli Haat- INA to support our farmers, enjoy delicious organic products, and be part of a movement towards sustainable agriculture. Together, we can celebrate the spirit of organic farming and help build a healthier future for our nation.