Procuring your dreams through a leap of faith: Jantoin TheDon

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Image: Jantoin TheDon
Image: Jantoin TheDon

New Delhi : A recording artist, producer, engineer, songwriter and entrepreneur, Jantoin Thompson, prominently known  as Jantoin TheDon has become a person professing the methodologies of financial independence  and living a life one dreams of, to the masses.

Established in Detroit, Michigan presently, Jantoin, in early 2014 took retirement, branding the hashtag#retiredlife.Yet not limiting himself to leisure, he stepped into the health and wellness arena, which subsequently led him to author “Introduction to Detox Diets”, a testament of his cognizance in the health sector.

Jantoin is a foreseer and is also a mentor for many in the trading sector in the foreign exchange market. Jantoinholds the belief that all your whims and aims lie on the other side of the fear, and a leap is the necessity to propel you towards your goals.

A multitasker, he has been the “Jack of all trades.” With a great credit at his dispense, he has been leading others to acquire their dreams by chaperoning them on the right path. A full-fledged all-rounder, Jantoin has a great humanitarian aspect as well and has been extensively involved with charitable deeds. In collaboration with Ncrease, a trading firm, he makes regular charities for the welfare of the underprivileged.

A self-sustainable individual, Jantoin has been his own mentor and has an ulterior vision of helping people to gain a 6 figure income. He also aims to aid others in becoming a millionaire. He has vowed to have approximately 10 millionaires by 2022. is his official website.

A rapper and an artist, Jantoin’s single “Stunna Shades” will be streaming on ALL major platforms like Spotify, apple music and other eminent music platforms. We wish to see him acquiring success in all domains.