The unique success story of Shahid Sharif

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Image: Shahid Sharif
Image: Shahid Sharif

New Delhi : Life is unstoppable and comes with all aspects. From highs to lows, everyone goes through all phases but the true success story lies with one who faces it all with true spirit and constant determination. Not every success story is same, each defies its own uniqueness. When people talk about the success stories of individuals from different corners of the world, they also like to discuss the many qualities and virtues that these individuals, especially youngsters exude consistently that have assisted them excel beyond boundaries. We came across one such high-performing, gutsy and confident youngster from Pakistan, Shahid Sharif.

With his base in Kasur District in Pakistan, Shahid Sharif is an 29 year old young talent who is acing in the field of IT and Entrepreneurship. Shahid is a hard-working personality who never gives up on his dreams and interests. Rowing his boat in the stormy sea of obstacles, he has always moved forward in order to pursue the best outcomes.

Crossing the hurdles of scarce resources and family pressure, Shahid decided to pursue his fascination for computers. In order to pursue BS in computer sciences, Shahid took a big step and moved to Lahore for hi further studies. Lahore welcomed him with opportunities and facilities which were previously not available in his village. 

Shahid Zaki has attained extraordinary levels in the IT world. He wishes to keep up with his progress in the sector. Thriving with his skills and knowledge, today he owns a company known as Frame Hype LLP. The company is very promising and has enormous potential in  branding, designing, developing and social media marketing services for numerous clients globally.

Shahid Inaccessibility to proper resources and guidance was a big obstacle hampering his dreams. Through his company, he came forward with such an initiative so nobody else goes through these challenges which Shahid once faced in his career path. Frame Hype association seeks to provide young prodigies with ample resources and opportunities who comes from backward areas. In order to further enhance their skill set, the company aims to assist them, ensuring proper molding of their talents and interests.

Shahid is a hustler who's unstoppable and moves with pace. He doesn't stop at one place and reaches beyond his comfort zone to obtain the best of everything. Shahid craves to makes this world a better place by contributing his part. He believes in helping people and growing together. To know more, do visit his Facebookprofile.