Rafih Fill's Ted Talk on "What tea taught me about business"

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Rafih Fill's Ted Talk on "What tea taught me about business"
Rafih Fill's Ted Talk on "What tea taught me about business"

New Delhi : While it remains just a dream for millions of talented entrepreneurs, Mr. Rafih filli made his dream come true by addressing millions of people around the globe through the famous Ted Talks Platform. Ted Talks is one of the finest platform at present where super enthusiastic, motivational and creative minds happen to share their personal experiences in the journey of finding success.

One of the pivotal part of the talk highlighted the risk assessment involved with a nascent product or brand and the key confidence required to overcome the kinks in its path of its success.

Mr. Rafih filli urged the young minds in the business to understand the importance of quality promise in the business in which they are planning to toil in. Mr. Rafih filli emphasized on the role of empathy factory between a brand and its customers in the overall success of a business. He also advised young entrepreneurs to master over the technicalities of a business to prevent it from being eclipsed from the rest of others in the market.

The talk started with the humble beginning where Mr. Rafih Filli outlined the importance of emotions which are supposed to be adhered while working out on relationship of a brand with its customers for its ultimate success.

Few of the highlights of the talk included advisory statements like "Good ability of risk taking and a unified confidence in what you are selling is all what it should be on a young entrepreneur’s mind to make a business idea work out smoothly."

Other enlightening statements included : "Relationship building between customers & the company is far more important than spending money on fancy promotional techniques." Mr. Rafih Filli also said "No one wins better at business than a head who abides to keep his staff genuinely happy and customers satisfied."

One of his most stressed suggestion was on holding on to the uniqueness within one's identity & idea for which he said “In order to brew your cup of success every day, never shy away from being unique, do what you want to do and don’t be influenced by criticism or rejection. Have a personality, don’t copy others and believe in your own style and statement and just see it taking you beyond borders.”

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