Reversal of kidney fail, liver, cancer and heart problems possible: Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

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Reversal of kidney fail, liver, cancer and heart problems possible: Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
Reversal of kidney fail, liver, cancer and heart problems possible: Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

New Delhi : The much-anticipated event titled "Evidence of cure for incurable" was held at the LTG Auditorium, located at Copernicus Marg, opposite Doordarshan Bhawan, Mandi House. Organized by prominent figure Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, the event witnessed the presentation of astonishing medical recoveries from patients previously deemed to have incurable diseases.

The gathering of medical professionals, researchers, and patients was also live telecasted on, Sudarshan News, and Saadhna TV, reaching millions worldwide.

The event was centered around the success stories of patients who had experienced remarkable recoveries from seemingly incurable ailments. A couple of patients shared their journeys to health and presented their medical reports and evidence supporting their extraordinary transformations.

Pathan Abdul Gaffur, who received treatment at Parul Hospital in Baroda, recounted his experience of enduring 2-3 dialysis sessions due to his condition. However, through the innovative approach adopted by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, Gaffur's health took an unexpected turn for the better, defying the odds of his initial prognosis.

Laxmi's story echoed similar sentiments, as she had undergone 2-3 dialysis sessions at Maharana Bhupal Hospital in Udaipur before embracing the groundbreaking treatment that led to her incredible recovery.

Vikas Gupta, a patient at BL Kapoor Hospital in New Delhi, expressed his gratitude while sharing his experience. Gupta underwent ten cycles of immunotherapy as part of the innovative treatment approach introduced by Acharya Manish Ji. Remarkably, Vikas Gupta's journey was devoid of any discomforts, a testament to the effectiveness and patient-centric nature of the groundbreaking therapy.

Bebi Manik Deshmukh, who had ovarian cancer, connected via a Zoom call to narrate her inspiring story. Deshmukh received treatment at Lodha Multispeciality Hospital in Raigarh, where she underwent the transformative medical approach. Throughout her treatment journey, she experienced no discomfort, further highlighting the potential of Acharya Manish Ji's groundbreaking method in tackling challenging cancer cases.

Shabana's testimonial from Bapuji Hospital in Karnataka revealed the success of her treatment, which involved 2 dialysis sessions, and how the groundbreaking methodology changed her life for the better.

During the event, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury launched the much-awaited book titled "Fish Tank Model for Heart Care." The book extensively documented the evidence and methodology behind the breakthrough approach that has been transforming the lives of countless patients worldwide.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, renowned for his academic accomplishments with a Bachelor's degree in Production Engineering, a Post Graduate degree in Diabetes, and a PhD in Diabetes & CKD, is also the inventor of the groundbreaking GRAD* system. He said, "Today marks a momentous occasion where we challenge the notion of incurability and showcase the power of innovative medical approaches. The recoveries of these remarkable patients stand as evidence that with the right knowledge and methodologies, we can conquer diseases once deemed insurmountable. Our Fish Tank Model for Heart Care, along with the GRAD* system, has opened new horizons in the realm of medical treatments. Let this day be a beacon of hope for those seeking healing from seemingly incurable ailments."

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The event culminated with a sense of hope and optimism as the remarkable recoveries and groundbreaking approach offered promising prospects for countless patients worldwide. The research presented during the event is expected to shape the future of medical treatments, providing new avenues of hope for those in need.