Ritanshu Aneja is gaining immense popularity around the digital sphere

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Ritanshu Aneja is gaining immense popularity around the digital sphere
Ritanshu Aneja is gaining immense popularity around the digital sphere

New Delhi : Aiming to explore unexplored destinations, Ritanshu documents his travel experiences which are unique and does not follow mainstream travel blogging culture.  

Coming from the hospitality industry, he has chosen travel and food as the niche for creating content. A restaurateur by profession, Ritanshu was inclined towards social media from an early age. Since his teenage, Ritanshu has been passionate about food, travel and lifestyle. Being a true foodie and travel lover, Ritanshu then started sharing posts on Instagram, thereby sharing an insight into his lifestyle. Unlike other content creators, Ritanshu focuses on capturing unusual destinations. His posts on food and travel started gaining pace, and shortly he was amongst the most looked after digital creators known for their creative work.

As Ritanshu is in the learning stage, he brainstorms and analyzes the trending posts in the travel and food category. Furthermore, Ritanshu said that he researches what is working the best on the gram and creates content accordingly. According to Ritanshu you need to provide what the audiences want and be flexible in your approach. Quality content always rates high and gets you the required numbers and a vast reach.

He has done exceedingly well in the area of content creation and is placed amongst the most effective experts around this space. While content creation is a vast industry, Ritanshu is adamant about upping his video content posts.  Professionally, he is a restaurateur with businesses in India and the UAE. The digital creator is currently a managing partner at UAE's exquisite nightclub Mantis Dubai, a glamour destination which serves delectable cuisines and an unforgettable party experience. With a lucrative business venture in place, Ritanshu Aneja continues to follow his passion for creating content. 

Running away from the ordinary job life, Ritanshu chose to make a successful career in the food and hospitality sector. Ritanshu revealed that travel makes him feel lively and happy. Other than this, he loves to try the world's best cuisines. He  has a list ready for his next travel goals, which could allow him to explore many more cuisines and travel destinations! Ritanshu Aneja (@ritanshuaanejja) is also a crypto enthusiast.