Swati Sharma unveils poetry collection - 'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi'

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Swati Sharma unveils poetry collection - 'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi'
Swati Sharma unveils poetry collection - 'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi'

New Delhi : The literary world came alive at the Constitution Club of India as poet Swati Sharma unveiled her much-anticipated poetry collection, 'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi.' The event was graced by eminent literary personality, including the only woman Sahitya Academy Award winner and renowned poet Anamika who chaired the event, veteran Hindi poet Madan Kashyap, prolific author, the keynote speaker and journalist Rakesh Renu, celebrated poet and editor Leeladhar Mandloi, and esteemed Hindi author Sudhanshu Gupt.

The evening was marked by insightful discussions and heartfelt praises for Swati Sharma's exceptional literary talent. Every guest speaker took a moment to share their thoughts on 'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi' and its remarkable contributions to contemporary Hindi poetry.

Anamika lauded Swati Sharma's poetry for its richness of language and expression, emphasizing how it represents fresh perspective of feminism in poetry. She commended Swati for moving beyond the personal, offering a cultural perspective that resonates deeply with readers.

Madan Kashyap marveled at the experimental and fresh language employed by Swati in her poems. He praised her use of original metaphors and similes, noting that her work stands out in its ability to address contemporary challenges effectively.

Rakesh Renu highlighted the broad thematic range of Swati's poetry. He praised her for seamlessly weaving together elements of science, history, language, and politics. He suggested that Swati shows promise of becoming a prominent figure in Hindi contemporary poetry.

Presenting his experienced critical view, Leeladhar Mandloi delved into the intricate metaphors that define Swati's poetry. He pointed out how her poems reflect the fractured sense of time prevalent in our society today, offering readers genuine connection with her poems.

Sudhanshu Gupt, the noted Hindi author, was captivated by Swati's keen observation of life's simple aspects. He drew parallels between her work and literary giants like Maupassant and Chekhov, highlighting Swati's ability to explore the smallest and most significant aspects of human existence.

Balram, an award-winning author and esteemed editor, applauded Swati Sharma's courage and commitment to exploration, whether on a personal, spiritual, or physical level.

Swati Sharma herself, the poet behind 'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi,' dedicated the book to her family and friends in presence of parents. She described her poems as reflections of the inner and outer journey of a contemporary woman. Swati eloquently expressed the paradoxical nature of a poet's existence, needing everything and nothing simultaneously, and how her poems exist in the space between these two extremes that define life.

'Solo Trip Par Jati Sakhi' promises to be a compelling addition to contemporary Hindi literature, and its launch event was a testament to the depth and significance of Swati Sharma's work. This collection of poems takes readers on a journey from the mundane to the profound, offering a subtle and organic exploration of life's complexities.