This tweet about 2020 is so accurate that it just hit home; Check it out

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This tweet about 2020 is so accurate that it just hit home; Check it out
This tweet about 2020 is so accurate that it just hit home; Check it out

New Delhi : 2020 has not been a good year for any of us. Since the beginning of the year, our lives have been chaotic and now it's just reached an all-time low. From natural disasters to life treating pandemic, we've seen it all this year. We've been stuck at home due to coronavirus pandemic and left bored out of our minds.

With the current economic situation and the global pandemic, we're all stuck at home with a lot of free time and most people are using this free time to reconnect with their family and friends and get active on social media. Being home has brought out the creative streak in all of us. Surprisingly the one thing that everyone is talking about on social media and across the world is how this year has taught us a lot of meaningful life lessons.

Netizens have been going crazy on Twitter and everyone is talking about lessons that 2020 has taught us. Melly Mel's tweet from 15th June went viral recently and was loved by the Twitterati. His tweet said, "Man if 2020 is telling us anything... it’s telling us to enjoy the moments we have and don’t take any day... anything... or anyone for granted,”. His tweet received 2.1 lakh likes and over 77,000 retweets.

People agree with Melly Mel and have gone out and said that nothing about this situation is normal and that our sense of normalcy has been taken away from us. People have also suggested that we all use this time to do something good and productive and value life. Being alive is a big deal during this tough time as it is and most of us are using this time being angry and frustrated for being stuck at home or losing our jobs or something or the other but at this point of time being alive is a big deal in itself.

Many people also went on to say that this is a lesson for all of us humans to value nature and give it the respect it deserves. Many believe that this is happening because humans failed to protect nature and went on to exploit it and this is nature's way of taking back control.

We do agree with the Netizens. This taught us the lesson that life is too short and it's best to live it to the fullest and enjoy every little thing in life. We can either complain and be unhappy or just deal with it and stay happy and it's up to us how we want to live during the little time that we have.