Top Must-have Grocery Items for Your Kitchen and Pantry

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Top Must-have Grocery Items for Your Kitchen and Pantry
Top Must-have Grocery Items for Your Kitchen and Pantry

New Delhi : Everyone loves a well-stocked kitchen -children and adults alike. When you have a fully-stocked kitchen and pantry area in your house, it allows you to easily throw a flavorful, instant meal after having a long, tiring day. To get access to the must-have grocery items in your kitchen and pantry, you can opt for fast delivery grocery services online from a leading supplier like Swiggy Instamart.  

As soon as you wake up every day and dash the door for getting ready for work, it will be worthwhile to have access to the delicious grab-and-go breakfast along with some snack options in hand. We take up suggestions from registered dieticians bloggers, and professional chefs to understand the list of must-have grocery items that you can buy from fast delivery grocery services.  

How to Keep Your Kitchen & Pantry Stocked Up?

Having a properly-stocked kitchen and pantry is like possessing gold in your bank. When you have access to basic supplies on a daily basis, you are prepared to put up together a hearty meal or even last-minute delicacies for guests and family. The trick to understand what and how you should stock up is by analyzing what you eat and do not eat on a daily basis.  

While preparing your checklist, you can expect preparing a rough sketch initially. This allows you to determine the kitchen & pantry essentials depending on your needs, palate, and repertoire. Trying to cut back on non-veg consumption? Do not prefer having peanut butter? The ultimate idea is to ensure that you get access to essential nutrients while being able to pull up satisfying meals for the entire family.  

While opting for fast delivery grocery services, toss in the must-have items in your shopping cart and have the best meals every day.  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

There is no surprise here. It is undeniable that olive oil is the primary reason why the Mediterranean diet is regarded as the healthiest in the entire world. According to the experts, it is recommended that you should choose cold-pressed olive oil to bring out the best flavors in your dishes. In addition to cooking your food with olive oil, you can also think of drizzling over completed dishes.  

If you wish to adopt a healthy way of cooking food and consuming food items that do less harm, you should put a can of extra virgin olive oil from a reputed brand in your online shopping cart.

Non-fat Greek Yogurt 

It is believed that Greek yogurt contains around 18 grams of protein for every 6 ounces of serving. While it is creamy and might appear quite indulgent, it is known to contain only 100 calories for every serving.  

Greek yogurt makes up for a low-fat and low-calories alternative to recipes involving sour cream and mayonnaise. Therefore, you can opt for boxes of non-fat Greek yogurt to add extra flavors and health benefits to your daily routine. 


Why? Honey will last in your pantry for several years to come. In addition to being a natural sweetener, honey also serves as the ultimate cough soother, hangover aid, and so more. You can use honey on a wide range of dishes and even beverages to bring about the essence of natural sweetness to your favorite dishes. Whether you aim at sweetening homemade marinades or using honey over salad dressings, you must add it in your day-to-day grocery shopping list. 

If you are a baking enthusiast, honey can be your go-to item for bringing about the desired sweetness to your cakes and croissants. Whole wheat flour is denser. However, when you add a dash of honey to the batter in place of standard white sugar, it helps in keeping ingredients tender as well as moist.  


Beans are not only inexpensive, but also great sources of fiber and protein. For instance, a single cup of chickpeas is known to contain as much as 15 grams of protein along with 12 grams of fiber.  

As per the food connoisseurs, it is recommended to store beans of all types in your kitchen & pantry area. The experts usually favor chickpeas, white northern beans, black beans, and others. You can stock up your pantry with the beans of your choice and the ones your family prefers. For salads and salsas, you can store canned beans as well. These are usually dried to ensure larger servings to last the entire week. 


The must-have checklist of essential items to store in your kitchen & pantry is endless. Depending on the taste preference and nutritional values of your family, you can order grocery online while also opting for online grocery delivery right at your doorstep. With leading portals like Swiggy Instamart, you can make the most of your online grocery shopping.