What is skull breaker challenge trending on social media?

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What is skull breaker challenge trending on social media?
What is skull breaker challenge trending on social media?

New Delhi : A new social media trend called the Skull-breaker challenge has become a reason to worry these days with several people getting injured and risking their lives for it.

The dangerous challenge, circulating on video-sharing social media app TikTok, involves two people jumping in the air and later a third, standing between them, does the same. Just as the third person jumps, the other two kick on the person's legs, making the jumper fall.

The aim of the task is to ensure the middle person falls on his or her back, exactly how the name suggests. This fall can cause severe head injuries.

Teenagers have fallen for the challenge without knowing its consequences. Parents of young adults are especially very worried after reports of injuries.

Some of the concerned people have shared their thoughts on the challenge on social media.

In one of the videos, a victim seems to have lost consciousness after the fall. A Twitter user shared the video.

A couple of months back, social media had influenced people to get indulged into Kiki challenge for which the performer had to get out of a moving car and dancing along it to rapper Drake's song "In my feelings".

The problematic trend, also called the "tripping jump challenge" has reportedly injured many specially in the US and Europe. News reports quoting experts and doctors claim the fall can break every bone in the body apart from concussions.