Here's everything you need to know about travelling with your pet in Indian railways

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Vacation with your pet
Vacation with your pet
It's very common for people to move from one city to another for various reasons. People move for education, work, personal life and such reasons. For those of us who are pet parents, moving to another city can be a lot harder than other people. Having to leave behind your pet or spending a bomb on travelling by road just to take your pet along can take a toll on you. Taking your pet via flight is even more expensive and the paperwork can be a lot of hassle. Moreover, air travel can be very stressful and dangerous for your pet. This is why it's best to travel with your pet on the train. But most people do not know the rules of travelling on a train with there pet which can be a big problem. Indian railways are a lot less complicated when it comes to travelling with pets. Here's everything you need to know about travelling in Indian railways with your pet.

1. The most important thing to remember is that your pet needs to be vaccinated and you should have a proof of vaccination like their medical file or vaccination certificate. Your pet is also going to need to get examined by the vet and given a fit to travel certificate. Remember to get this certificate one or two days prior to your travel date.

2. As per the Indian railways, you can take your pet along with you if you have booked a coupe in the 1st AC or 1st class. In order to get a coupe, you will have to book 2 seats in the 1st class AC but getting a coupe can be tough. So, remember to speak to the railway station staff and request them to give you preference while allotting the coupe as you plan on travelling with a pet. This way you will be given preference.

3. Even after booking 2 tickets in the first-class coach, in case you do not get a coupe allotted, you will need to speak to your co-passenger and if they have on objections only then you can take your pet along with you in the cabin. If they have any problems then your pet will be moved to the luggage van or to the guard's van.

4. Reach the station an hour or two earlier to get your paperwork sorted. Take your pet and go to the parcel office and book your pet as luggage and get a luggage slip. You will have to pay a small luggage charge depending upon the size of your pet.

5. Check and ensure that your train has a luggage van for emergency situations and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

6. Always keep your pet in a crate, cage or have them on a leash. If you have a big dog, remember to carry a muzzle in case of emergencies. As a pet parent, it's your responsibility to provide water and food for your pet.