Thailand reopening for international tourism: What you need to know before travelling

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Thailand (Image:
Thailand (Image:

New Delhi : As Thailand is gradually opening its borders for tourism, it has outlined some specific guidelines to be adhered to by travelers. Thailand has some strict border restrictions since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thailand is opening its borders cautiously with lots of precautions with its citizens and tourists in mind. Thailand is one of the least affected places with full recovery of over 91.7% cases. 

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the tourist industry of Thailand, the country was one of Asia's most prepared nations. It dealt with the epidemic using its robust health care system. Thailand has provided its reopening plan, and you can check it here

The Thailand Reopening Plan

The Thailand government released a plan on how they will reopen. The plan is in three phases: 

Phase one is basically for short and long-term arrivers such as skilled workers, people with Thai family members, investors, and business travelers. 

Phase two is for medical tourism travelers. Thailand receives over 2.5 million medical tourists each year.

Phase three is for general tourists. Medical tourism was slotted to commence 30 days before general tourism.

Thailand has also commenced issuing out international flight permits for both foreigners and tourists, providing them with direct access to the county. 

The government has also announced that four types of foreigners will be allowed entry into the country. They will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine and potential testing on arrival. The category of people includes: 

Those participating in trade fairs in Thailand

Foreign movie crews carrying out filming in Thailand

Foreign workers from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar for food and construction companies

Foreigners for medical or wellness services

Thailand Entry Requirements Protocol for Tourists

The Thailand authorities also have proposed reopening plans, especially for certain countries that have been able to contain the virus. The Thai government also included details on how they intend to control the further outbreak of the virus. Here are the health and entry requirement protocol for tourists and others:

Travelers and foreigners are to arrive with health insurance that includes COVID-19

A prescreening health declaration card filled out before the departure

The wearing of face masks is compulsory while on flights and at the airport

Thermal scans and temperature check will be conducted on arrival

Although there is no clarity on whether there will be compulsory testing, the Thailand government is treading carefully to avoid an outbreak.

With Thailand focused on reopening domestic tourism, most resorts and hotels within tourist attractions have opened. There are still strict restrictions on where tourists can go and who can visit specific sites, though. 

Thailand authorities are still watchful of the situation, which is why some places are yet to reopen. The Thailand government is not letting its guard down, however, for the safety of their tourists and citizens.

The Thailand government is using a strategy referred to as the tourism bubbles. This strategy is similar to a version already in place in certain countries.