New smart card passport goes viral: Here's the truth

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Lately, an image of a passport has gone viral in social media platforms including Facebook and Whatsapp. The picture shows a chip-smart card and the passport seems to have been issued by the Republic of India. Also, the information of the card holder is mentioned very clearly. 

The message written in the picture of smart card is:

"New format of Indian Passport and all important message is at one place




These messages have been told that a new passport has arrived in India. And, the attached picture is the sample image. 

What is the truth behind the photo of this new Passport type

To find out the truth, the information was searched on the website of the passport service center but no such information was found. Nor any other website has any such kind of information. Then by searching this photo on Google reverse image an article with passport-context heading was found on a website named Medium dot com. Siddhant Gupta wrote this article on May 8, 2017.

This article visualizes a unique smart card that can do the job of a passport. These smart card passports can easily come in pocket or wallet. This will work as an e-passport. But this is just an assumption. 

Fact behind smart card passport

The passport shown in this photo has no existence in real world. Such a passport has not been issued by the government. There is no such news to be planned in the future. This photo has been taken from a website.