Huge "Whirlpool Hole" in UAE sky puzzles viewers

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Huge "Whirlpool Hole" in UAE sky puzzles viewers
Huge "Whirlpool Hole" in UAE sky puzzles viewers

Dubai : UAE citizens were left puzzled after spotting a mysterious "whirlpool hole' in the skies over the city of Al Ain this Sunday. As per video that is being spread widely on the internet, a huge circle can be spotted in the sky.

It was posted by on Twitter by Ibrahim Al Jarwan, who, according to the Daily Mail, is a meteorologist and astronomer. The Twitter user described the hole as a "whirlpool hole" and a "portal to another world".

Sharing the video, he wrote: "This rare and beautiful phenomenon was seen this morning in Al Ain City."

The video left many wondering whether the hole was a UFO, a portal to another world or a glitch in the matrix.

According to the report by Daily mail, the mystery of the hole in the sky was quickly cleared up by meteorologists. They explained that the phenomenon, known as a fallstreak hole, occurs when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing, but the water, in a supercooled state, has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation.