Oceans warming faster than estimated, damaging marine life: Warn scientists

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Man-made greenhouse gas emissions are warming the ocean (Photo: Reuters)
Man-made greenhouse gas emissions are warming the ocean (Photo: Reuters)

New Delhi : This is indeed a warning signal that our eco system will soon see a downfall. Scientists on 10 January reports that the rising ocean temperature is damaging marine life and the temp record is setting a trend.

As per the new measurements, done by an international network of 3,900 floats deployed in the oceans since 2000, the ocean is warming since 1971 than calculated by the latest UN assessment of climate change in 2013.

The "observational records of ocean heat content show that ocean warming is accelerating," the authors in China and the United States wrote in the journal Science of ocean waters down to 2,000 meters (6,600 ft).

Scientists believe that the man-made greenhouse gas emissions are warming the atmosphere. And, large part of the heat gets absorbed by the oceans. That in turn is forcing fish to flee to cooler waters.

"Global warming is here, and has major consequences already. There is no doubt, none!" the authors wrote in a statement.

Meanwhile, close to 200 nations are planning to phase out fossil fuels this century under the 2015 Paris climate agreement to limit warming. US President Donald Trump, who wants to promote US fossil fuels, plans to pull out of the pact in 2020.

Overall, temperatures in the ocean down to 2,000 meters rose about 0.1 degree Celsius (0.18F) from 1971-2010, he said. The 2013 UN assessment estimated slower rates of heat uptake but did not give a single comparable number.

As a result, oxygen content may reduce in the oceans and coral reefs that are nurseries for fish may get damaged. Also, ocean water also raises sea levels by melting ice, including around the edges of Antarctica and Greenland.