This new 4TB Pen drive with USB Type C port support will empty your bank balance

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4TB pen drive that supports USB Type C port (Representational image)
4TB pen drive that supports USB Type C port (Representational image)

New Delhi : The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 held in Las Vegas is exhibiting robust technical things which are worth buying. Of the many products launched, the Western Digital’s Sandisk is a brand that has promised a lot with its latest product. However, it's yet unsure if the device will hit the market anytime soon.

Yes, we are here to talk about a 4TB pen drive that supports USB Type C port. The pen drive meets the standard requirements of current tech-savvy days. However, it doesn't have a price tag but sources confirmed that it will cost like a bomb, meaning it will empty your savings.

SanDisk is exhibiting a 4TB USB pen drive prototype and Type-C USB interface at the mega tech event this week, which has probably been designed over a solid-state drive or SSD.

Now, talking about the last year launch, Sandisk has showcased a USB Type pen drive with support for 1TB storage and it was the first and last we heard about the product from the company or anyone else. Also, it’s worth saying that the 4TB drive is still in a prototype stage, with no further technical information shared by the company.

It seems that Sandisk is reaching out to the industry and showing possibilities that can be achieved in the storage sector nowadays. Now, the question is who would buy the pen drive

Possibly, film-makers, shooting in 4K or even 8K for that matter, might love to have something like this. As of now, the pen drive, if comes into the market may not suit the pocket of middle-class people. Hopefully there will come a time when you can flaunt carrying 4TB worth data in your pocket.

Let's wait for some time!