Was that a UFO crash? Mysterious green meteor falls to Earth with massive explosion in Turkey

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Meteor crash on Earth (Image: Screengrab from a viral video)
Meteor crash on Earth (Image: Screengrab from a viral video)

New Delhi : The skies over Turkey were lit green after a meteor crashed down to Earth in Turkey’s Izmir. The incident has been captured on the camera and social media has been flooded with videos.

The videos show an object streaking over the city of Izimir, before disappearing behind the landscape with a bright flare. Several people on social media speculated it to be a part of a satellite or a UFO crash.

The incident happened near the Turkish city of Izmir at around 2 am on Saturday, July 31.

One of the videos showed a meteor crashing to the ground following with a loud explosion and then turning the colour of the sky to a greenish tint for a few seconds. Another video shows the meteor flare in a bright greenish-white before falling towards Earth.

However, a Turkish astrophysics professor Dr. Hasan Ali Dal negated these theories and explained a simple reason for the incredible scenes. In a Twitter post, he said that the event known as a “fireball” occurs when a meteor begins to burn up in the atmosphere.

“It usually burns away in the upper atmosphere. It should be considered as a more specific version of the phenomenon known as a shooting star among the people and it often experienced during periods of meteorite rains,” he wrote.