Video, last pictures from NASA Cassini: Earth and moon look like two shiny dots from Saturn

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NASA's Cassini sends farewell pictures of Earth and Moon from Saturn
NASA's Cassini sends farewell pictures of Earth and Moon from Saturn

New Delhi : NASA Cassini spacecraft has send some farewell pictures from Saturn rings in which both Earth and its moon are visible like two shiny dots at a distance of nothing less than 870 million miles.

The spacecraft is currently on its Grand Finale journey and making daring dives between the rings of the gas giant. NASA's Cassini is scheduled to plunge into Saturn's atmosphere, but before that it is sharing some of the last captured frames from the planet.

Cassini travelled through the relatively short 1,500-mile gap between Saturn and its rings this week and sent back precious data to Earth.

Unbelievable but true, our earth looks like a star and it's unimaginable for anyone to think of life on our planet from such a distance; who knows how many alien lives are already there in the universe and watching our planet as a star.

Cassini will make its final dive on September 15 and will crash like a meteor into Saturn's atmosphere.

Watch video to know more: 

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