85% of the Hope Probe project for Mars complete: Scientists

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85% of the Hope Probe project for Mars complete: Scientists
85% of the Hope Probe project for Mars complete: Scientists

Dubai : The UAE Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) have announced that 85% of the Hope Probe project bound for Mars has been completed. Releasing a joint statement, the two agencies confirmed that most of the main parts of the project have been completed and are currently undergoing intensive testing to ensure every aspect of the Probe is ready for activation a few months before the launch date.

Hope Probe mission is scheduled for a launch date of July 2020. With a successful launch, UAE hopes to become the first Arabic and Islamic country to make the Mars Mission dream a reality.

In a statement released from Dubai Media Office, it has been confirmed that the mission is under the testing phase as less than 500 days are left for its launch. The project has been planned in a way that it will reach Mars by 2021, the year when UAE will celebrate its 50th anniversary of foundation day.

Several aspects related to the design, assembly of the structure, cameras and control have been verified. So far, the Probe’s systems and components, as well as its ability to communicate with the ground station have been checked by the team.

So far, success has been achieved in all the tests conducted, now the makers will take note of the five environmental tests which will be conducted between June to December 2019.

According to Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills and Chairman of the UAE Space Agency : “The Emirates Mars Mission’s Hope Probe is almost complete. The UAE is on the verge of making history, after turning its dream of becoming the first Arabic and Islamic country to send a spacecraft to Mars into reality.

This monumental endeavour is the culmination of the efforts of a skilled and experienced team of young Emiratis, who with the support of the nation and its visionary leadership will secure the UAE’s position at the forefront of space exploration and the international space sector. The UAE, through this ambitious project, has positioned itself amongst the leading countries in the field of space exploration and advanced space manufacturing. The project has so far showcased the level of capabilities and world-class facilities that are available in the UAE”.