Astronomers unearth signals from 4 different mysterious objects in the galaxy

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Astronomers unearth signals from 4 different mysterious objects in the galaxy
Astronomers unearth signals from 4 different mysterious objects in the galaxy

New Delhi : We've all watched those movies about aliens and people from the other planets but we haven't really seen anything much ourselves. Sure, there have been instances where UFO's have been spotted and other signs that life may exist on the other planets in the universe but nothing has been proved yet due to a lack of concrete evidence. But what if that changed? As exciting as that sounds, it's also somewhat scary. 

In a recent incident, astronomers have identified new signals from mysterious objects in the galaxy and it doesn't end there. They detected these signals from four different objects for the very first time. Four circular objects with bright edges were spotted at radio wavelengths and are unlike anything spotted every before. After studying and evaluating these objects the astronomers have concluded that they aren't supernovas, star-forming galaxies, planetary nebulas or gravitational lensing. But they have considered that they could be shockwaves left behind by some extragalactic event or maybe even some sort of activity from a radio galaxy. For the purpose of the study, they have been named odd radio circles (ORCs). 

The astronomers don't exactly know how far they are but they have been linked to the distant galaxies. In their study papers, they have claimed that this mysterious object has never been spotted before in the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) Pilot survey. Other than this, these ORCs did not show up on the optical, infrared or X-ray wavelength and were only spotted using the radio wavelength. Two of these mysterious objects have galaxies in their centre which is an indication that the ORCs could have been formed due to the galaxies and because they're so close together, chances are that their origins could be linked. 

The astronomers have not been able to reach a proper conclusion as to what these mysterious objects are but they hope to discover more about it by studying in dept. They also believe that the EMU survey will lead to new and surprising discoveries and there is a lot more to come. This paper with all the detailed information has been submitted to the journal, Nature Astronomy for publication and is currently being reviewed.