How Tsunami of gases caused by a black hole looks like? NASA reveals

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Tsunami of gases (Image Instagrammed by @nasa)
Tsunami of gases (Image Instagrammed by @nasa)

New Delhi : A study funded by NASA has revealed how Tsunami of gases created by black holes will appear when they escape through its gravity. The waves of this gigantic Tsunami can be as huge as 94.6 trillion kilometres.

According to the study, if a spaceship is trapped in the Tsunami, it may take up to 10 years to make an escape from it.

Now, NASA scientists have created a simulation with the help of artist Nima Abkenar, to show how the Tsunami of gases will appear. The result of magnificent creation has been shared by NASA on its Instagram page.

The picture shows giant gas waves rising from a disc of concentrated gas escaping from the centre of the disc, where lies the black hole. The inner circle of the disc is strongly lit like a ring of light that surrounds a black hole. The escaping giant gas winds on both sides of the disc appear almost symmetrical.

Sharing the image on social media, NASA mentioned in the caption that it is an "the illustration shows a supermassive black hole veiled in dust and strange features in nearby gas."

Fascinated by the image, Instagram users reacted by saying that the image was incredible. An Instagram user commented, “oh my god! It is so beautiful.” Another user said, “I love it so much.” Another comment read, “Okay I just smoked and this is amazing.” An Instagram user made the image a muse, they wrote, “What if space is just the ocean of another planet?”