Scientists discover the biggest asteroid of the year 2 days after it flies between the Moon and the Earth

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New Delhi : Space is an interesting thing to know about and our space scientist are usually very informed. In fact, they usually have detailed information about when, where, what how and why something is happening or about to happen out there in the space. Now asteroids are a common part of space and often pass by our planet. For those of you who don't know what an asteroid is, it's basically a space rock or a minor planet of the inner solar system in most cases. They are usually made of rock, metals, rubble and other such elements. It is believed that some asteroids also contain water. 

Surprisingly, just a month ago a huge asteroid flew by Earth and the space scientists and astronomers did not even realise it until a few days after it happened. This asteroid was nearly 100 meters in diameter and was travelling at the speed of 60,826 thousand miles per hour. This asteroid was even closer than the moon to the Earth when it flew by on the 5th of June. Asteroid 2020 LD was the biggest asteroid to pass between the Earth and the Moon in 2020. It was also the first and the biggest asteroid to come this close to Earth since 2011 and that too without being noticed. 

2020 LD was so huge that it would have done some major damage had it hit Earth. This asteroid was first noticed by astronomers in Hawaii on the 7th of June. After studying it's orbit and analyzing it, the scientists realised that it was nearest to the Earth just 2 days prior. Aside from this, the European Space Agency has a risk list which identifies all the asteroids which have a non-zero impact, which basically means that they have a high chance of hitting or colliding with the Earth. One such asteroid is 2018 SV13 which is roughly 131 feet in diameter. They have predicted that this asteroid will be close to the Earth in September this year and has a high chance of hitting or colliding with the Earth. As per a report in ibtimes, this asteroid will hit Earth on 22nd September but chances are that it may burn up in the atmosphere and there may not be any impact but burning in the atmosphere can also be dangerous as it will most likely produce an explosion which could be potentially dangerous.