A 106-years-old man from Delhi who survived the Spanish Flu at the age of 4 manages to survive COVID-19

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New Delhi : A few months ago there was an outbreak of a highly contagious strain of coronavirus in Wuhan, China. Slowly it managed to spread across the globe and infected a majority of countries. This virus has infected a large number of people across the globe and also resulted in the death of a large number of people. Children and the elderly are more prone to this virus and it can take a toll on their health due to their weak immune system. Most elderly people tend to have chronic or underlying illnesses which can put them at a higher risk.

A man from Delhi, who was just a 4-year-old child, managed to survive in 1918 during the Spanish Flu. In a time when the healthcare system was not as great, he had the will power and immunity to survive such a deadly pandemic. For those of you who don't know about the Spanish Flu, it was one of the most severe pandemics that occurred in 1918 and infected nearly 500 million people across the world. Its origins cannot be traced but it is believed to have started in Europe, the United States as well as certain parts of Asia and spread across the world. This pandemic was caused by an avian strain of the H1N1 virus. At that time, there was no drug or vaccine for this strain of flu. 

Surprisingly it does not end there. He is currently 106 years old and lives in Old Delhi. He was also infected with COVID-19 along with his wife, 70-year-old son and another family member. Not only did he survive COVID-19, he reportedly recovered even before his son and the rest of his family and was discharged from Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital. 

This man is a source of hope and inspiration for all those who are battling coronavirus. This 106-year-old man managed to survive through 2 pandemics even though he was more vulnerable to coronavirus. The doctors don't know if he was affected by the Spanish flu at that time or not as there isn't adequate documentation to verify the facts but what we do know is that he is healthy and well currently.