UEFA Champions League final: Over 400 of Juventus fans injured in stampede in Turin

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UEFA Champions League final: Over 400 of Juventus fans injured in stampede in Turin
UEFA Champions League final: Over 400 of Juventus fans injured in stampede in Turin

Rome : Over 400 people were injured in a stampede due to a false alarm that caused panic in Italy's Turin city where Juventus supporters had gathered to watch the Champions League final against Real Madrid on giant TV screens.

The incident occurred in the city's Piazza San Carlo square on Saturday night, Efe news reported. According to local media reports, five people were seriously injured.

The reason for the panic was that a banister of a stairway to an underground parking lot collapsed - some thought they heard explosions - which led to people getting injured when they tried to flee the area, the reports said.

The accident occurred at around 10.15 p.m., when the fans tried to get away as quickly as possible, only to end up crammed against the retaining walls. Security forces and firefighters rushed to the site and immediately worked to get the situation back to normal.

The vast majority of fans left the square after the alarm and only a few remained until the end of the Champions League final in Cardiff, in which Real Madrid beat Juventus, the Italian football club, 4-1.

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