DJ Johnson is all set to be your new favourite basketball player

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Image: DJ Johnson
Image: DJ Johnson

New Delhi : David Johnson Jr. who also goes by the name “DJ Johnson” is 22 years old basketball player who is walking in his father’s footsteps and has become a prominent sportsman.

David is raised in San Antonio, Texas and is a full-time athlete and entrepreneur. He has many talents under his sleeves, he is also an entrepreneur and loves to associates himself with other entrepreneurs similar to him. Ever since his formative years, he was attracted to basketball as a sport. He loved to play and used to look up to legendary players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kawaii Leonard, James Harden, Russell Rosebrook, and Paul George. He constantly studied these players and their game to better himself by every passing day and still is willing to be as good as them. 

David Johnson Jr. is also a well-established entrepreneur and has a vision of abundance. David has worked himself up to the likes of legends and has turned his dream into the reality that he is living now. The lifestyle he lives today is an inspiration to everyone because he did not get this on a silver plate. He focused on his goal and has hit the bull's eye. He made an outstanding career breakthrough when he scored records at James Madison high school that he attended in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. He then continued his passion for basketball and achieved many breakthroughs. 

David believes in giving back to society and wants to inspire others to go after their dreams in life. He is willing to leave back his legacy behind so that his name can be recalled in golden words. He wishes good for everybody and hopes that his body of work inspires and encourages youngsters to never give up.

DJ holds a strong faith in God and feels God has been kind to him. He believes that God is hearing his prayers and hence he knows for sure that until God is with him, he is going to be alright. We love his attitude towards life and this is a major takeaway for everyone who wishes positivity in their life. "First, I’d like to thank God for putting me in this position I’m in today. Without Him, this wouldn’t be possible," Johnson said in a statement released by the University of Louisville. 

In the coming years, he sees himself in wedlock with his beautiful girlfriend and living a prosperous life, hoping to have two kids. He also wishes to go pro soon and has made himself eligible for the 2021 NBA Draft.