Great Options for Samsung Mobile Phones Under Rs.15,000 in India

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Great Options for Samsung Mobile Phones Under Rs.15,000 in India (Image:
Great Options for Samsung Mobile Phones Under Rs.15,000 in India (Image:

Delhi : Under its "Galaxy" line of mobile devices, Samsung offers a variety of handsets. The Galaxy M and Galaxy F series are the best options if you're looking for a Samsung phone under Rs.15,000. The majority of the smartphones in these two series are inexpensive and good value. Along with the squeaky-clean Samsung OneUI, you also get a lot of battery life and excellent screens. 

List of the Top 5 Best Samsung Cell Phones for Under Rs.15,000

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is simply the greatest Samsung phone under Rs. 15000. In terms of performance, there is nothing that even comes close to the smartphone. To give this CPU at this pricing point, Samsung must have made sacrifices on the display front. However, if you want a terrific gaming phone for less than Rs. 15,000, the Galaxy F23 5G is a fantastic gadget.

Samsung Galaxy M32 4G 

The Samsung Galaxy M32 4G is designed for people who enjoy taking photos on the go. It not only has an incredible camera system, but it also has a gorgeous Super AMOLED display. Furthermore, if you enjoy light gaming on sometimes, the processor is suitable. So, if you're searching for a Samsung phone around 15000 that can capture fantastic photos and last nearly two days, this is the phone for you!

Samsung Galaxy F22

The Samsung Galaxy F22 is a scaled-down version of the Samsung Galaxy M32. Yes, the camera arrangement is not as good as that of the Galaxy M32. However, at the price point, it is quite satisfactory. Despite being HD+, the display is AMOLED. So binge-watching your favourite series will undoubtedly be enjoyable. Then there's the 6000mAh battery, which can easily get you through a day and more. Certainly a fantastic Samsung mobile phone under Rs. 15000 in India.

Samsung Galaxy M12

If you want to experience a 90Hz panel on a budget, the Samsung Galaxy M12 is the phone for you. Aside from that, the appealing design and great battery life are factors to consider. The Galaxy M12 is one of Samsung's best-selling low-cost smartphones for a reason, and you have to try it to believe it. Overall, the clean UI and fast performance for the price make it a truly good Samsung mobile phone for around 15000.

Samsung Galaxy M21

Every aspect of the Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition is mixed. You will like certain things and you will really like some things. To begin with, the chipset it is powered by is dated by 2023. Thank goodness, Samsung no longer incorporates it into its mid-range devices. Sadly, it is included with the Galaxy M21 2021.

It doesn't necessarily follow that the smartphone can't manage everything. Thermal throttling and lags, however, will be noticeable if you put heavy demands on your computer for an extended length of time, such as while gaming. There is a stunning Super AMOLED display to make up for it.

You also receive the distinctive 6000mAh battery. Go for it if you want a Samsung mobile phone under 15000 that can manage your binge-watching and everyday multitasking with ease. However, it is inefficient for gaming.

Best Samsung Mobile Phone Under 15000 - Final Thoughts

One thing is certain after glancing over the list. A Samsung Galaxy phone under 15000 will keep you going for a long period on a single charge, thanks to the large 6000mAh batteries. Furthermore, the most of devices come with very good quick refresh rate screens. So, if you want to experience something on a budget, these are fantastic options.

Furthermore, the clean stock UI of OneUI is a treat and dramatically improves the Android experience. We hope this list helps you locate your ideal Samsung mobile phone for less than 15000.