iPhone 6S: Things you missed out

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Representational Image

New Delhi : Soon after the launch of iPhone SE, Apple, an American technology company has officially started the commercial production of iPhone 6S in India. Sources confirm that Cupertino-based tech giant started the production last week at its contract manufacturer Wistron’s facility in Bengaluru. The iPhone 6S was launched in 2015 and it came out to be Apple’s most popular handsets across the world. Now, if you are a fan of Apple products and want to know about the Made-in-India iPhone 6S, then here is the list of crucial points designed to enhance your knowledge.

• iPhone 6S is the second iPhone model that will be made in India. Apple has been making the iPhone SE since May 2017 in Bengaluru. iPhone 6S production started last week.

• The commercial production of the iPhone 6S has just commenced, so it will take a little time to hits the store. It is believed that the ‘Made in India’ iPhone 6S will be made available ‘soon’, though no official statement has been made yet.

• Currently, the iPhone 6S sells at Rs 42,900 for the 32GB variant and Rs 52,100 for the 128GB variant. There will be no change in the price of the iPhone 6S once the made-in-India handsets arrive in the store.

• The Economic Times report indicates that the locally-made iPhone 6S will be sold in India only. “The made-in-India iPhone 6s will be only sold in India like iPhone SE since it will take time to scale up capacity,” an executive told The Economic Times.

• While Apple has a host of iPhone variants in the market, it chose to manufacture the iPhone 6S because of its ‘sales potential’, according to a report by The Economic Times.

• One of the reason why Apple is adding iPhone 6S to its production series is to control the price limit. Even if the import duties are hiked by the government of India, the locally made iPhone 6S will be excused from it.

• Apple had hiked the prices of its iPhone twice in the last seven months as the government had increased the customs duty. The iPhone SE was not affected by this as it was made in India.

• According to research firm, Counterpoint, almost one-third of total sales of iPhones in India comes from the iPhone 6 series. Apple is likely to take advantage of it by producing the handset in the country.

• It is also believed that Apple is further estimating expanding its local output in India. An executive publicized to The Economic Times that another model is likely to enter experiment soon.