10 WhatsApp features to enhance your experience on the application

10 WhatsApp features to enhance your experience on the application
10 WhatsApp features to enhance your experience on the application

New Delhi : Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a wide variety of new features have been pushed in to make it more interesting for the users. Most of us still don’t utilise them completely and restrict ourselves to use it just as a messaging application.

Here are 10 features on WhatsApp that will change your experience on the app completely:

1: Mute Group Notification – Don't like to hear phone beeping every few minutes with chat notifications from the group conversations? Well, WhatsApp allows you to mute them completely.

2: Ticks to know who read your message – With simple double ticks turning blue, you can know who has read your message. However, this can be controlled by the receiver.

3: Recall sent message – if you have sent a message to a person you did not want to send him. Simply recall the message with the latest update. Recalling message can only be done within a time limit of 1 hour and 8 minutes.

4: Limit Data Usage – Though internet these days has become cheaper, still it is better to save on data. WhatsApp allows control on what media files you should download with an added option for low data usage that lowers the amount of data used in WhatsApp chats and calls.

5: Stylize your text messages – Bored of plain text messages? Well give them a twist with features like bold, italics and strike on WhatsApp chat.

6: Customise notification – WhatApp allows you to set a different notification tone for a different person. To set a custom notification, open the chat, tap their name at the top and hit Custom Notifications.

7: Personalise your chats: You can change chat backgrounds to give them your personal touch. This can be done by simply tapping settings on the app.

8: Mark as unread: You read a message and now regret why you read it? Well, WhatsApp allows you to mark a message as unread.

9: Email Chats: Sometimes you do a chat that is special or important and you want to keep it with you forever. The simplest way to do so is email that chat and save it forever.

10: Pin conversation: In WhatsApp, users can pin up to three chats on top. Simply tap and hold a chat, then hit the pin icon.

Do you know any more secret features in WhatsApp? Do share them with us in the comment box below.