4 Reasons why you must upgrade your normal home inverter to a solar inverter

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Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

New Delhi : Power outages are common in India, especially in rural areas and Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. Most Indian households, therefore, have normal home inverters that provide the required power backup at the time of a power cut. But do you know that many people have now started upgrading their normal home inverters to solar inverters. Well, the trend is fast catching up and an increasing number of homeowners are installing solar panels on their rooftops to upgrade their normal inverter to a solar inverter. But in case you haven’t taken the plunge yet then here are some of the key reasons why you should consider upgrading your normal home inverter to a solar inverter. Let’s read on. 

To Get Rid of Those Hefty Energy Bills

The commercial electricity rates are making a new high every year and as a result the household electricity rates are soaring through the roofs. This is one of the major reasons people have not started going solar. It’s a cheaper source of energy and the only cost one has to bear is the installation cost. Once the installation is done, the electricity generated is almost free as the Sun is a free source of energy. And as far as the installation cost is concerned, most homeowners are able to recover their installation cost in 4 to 5 years by saving an equivalent amount on their energy bills. 

It Will Add to Your Property's Value

We all know that any kind of home improvement that one does to their property helps them boost their property’s value. For example, adding a swimming pool can significantly increase the value of your property if the buyer perceives it as a great value addition to the property. Same is true for solar panels. Buyers are usually ready to pay more for a solar ready property as they know it will help them save on their energy bills in the long run. Also, it saves them the hassles of getting a solar panel system installed on their own. 

To Help Earth Go Green 

Did you know that an average home (that runs on runs on energy produced by fossil fuels) emits around 100 tonnes of CO2 in 30 years? Well, that’s true. Global warming as we all know is one of the major concerns for governments around the world. They have been running several initiatives to educate and encourage people to go solar. If you think of yourself as a global citizen and would like to contribute towards a cleaner and greener Earth then you must switch to solar . 

To Reduce Dependency on Local Grid for Power Supply 

The Indian rural areas and some of the Tier-2 and Tier-2 cities are the worst hit when it comes to power outages. The situation gets worse during the summer season when there’s a huge demand, but the local grids are unable to fulfill it. If you, too, live in an area where power cuts are long and frequent, and your normal home inverter is unable to provide the required backup, you must consider upgrading your normal home inverter to a solar inverter. This will help you reduce your dependency on the local grid for energy supply.  

Go Solar Today!

If you are still stuck with your normal inverter, it’s time that you switch to solar and start saving on your energy bills. It will also help you contribute towards a cleaner and greener Earth. So without much ado get in touch with a solar expert near you and find out how to upgrade your normal inverter to a solar inverter. And if you are unsure of which brand you should buy from, we recommend you to check out Luminous India’s website. They are one of the most trusted brands in the solar industry and have been manufacturing and selling solar products for several years now.