All You Need to Know: Oppo Launch ColorOS 14 - Features and Availability

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All You Need to Know: Oppo Launch ColorOS 14 - Features and Availability (Image:
All You Need to Know: Oppo Launch ColorOS 14 - Features and Availability (Image:

Delhi : Give Oppo's newest ColorOS a warm welcome. In certain areas, the worldwide beta version of ColorOS 14 has already begun to roll out; in mid-November, the Oppo Find N2 Flip will be the first to receive the stable version. This is what version 14 has added. First, let's talk about the updated Trinity Engine. 

On a common phone, ROM Vitalization may save up to 20GB of storage by compressing app and file data. RAM Vitalization replaces Android's RAM system with a more capable one, particularly with regard to maintaining background programs in RAM. CPU Vitalization, the third and last part, strikes a balance between the chipset's performance and power consumption.

The latest version of ColorOS has a Smart Charging system that adjusts the charging current based on the type of use and frequency of the phone using an AI algorithm. This is meant to lessen the deterioration of batteries.

Users of Snapchat now receive exclusive benefits. For quicker access, they may place the Snapchat shortcut on the lockscreen. Additionally, the Shelf has a Snapchat widget that provides you with quick alerts on new messages, status updates, and even the whereabouts of your closest friends.

Oppo also added refined, standardized features to the user interface to enhance its appearance and feel. A collection of standard bubbles, capsules, and panels that emerge from the status bar to display functionality with the least amount of disturbance is known as the "Aqua Dynamic design."

In addition, Aquamorgraphic Coloring, which selects the colors that are most appropriate for the time of day, is now used to paint the status bar and on-screen information.

Oppo updated the Always On Display with a new Go Green look. Bitmoji stickers are another option; they will automatically change during the day depending on your location, activities, the weather, and other factors.

The global beta release schedule for ColorOS 14 is as follows. Keep in mind that each carrier and location will have a different precise timing.

One more privacy option added to the list is Picture Keeper. This grants additional permission to see specific images and videos stored on your device. Speaking of, several humans and animals may now be cropped out of a picture or still frame using Smart Image Matting.

You can pick text, photos, and videos from both native and third-party apps using the new Smart Touch and save them in the File Dock. You may save something for later use with the File Dock, which functions similarly to a clipboard.

Things you've stored using Smart Touch on, example, an Oppo Pad, are also accessible on your phone since this is synchronized across ColorOS devices.