Apple's big spring event 2023: What could be in store?

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Apple's big spring event 2023: What could be in store? (Image:
Apple's big spring event 2023: What could be in store? (Image:

Delhi : Big industry-wide events like CES and E3 are not frequently attended by Apple. The world's most valuable firm hosts its own conferences. Apple regularly invites the media and business leaders to a theatre (or a computer screen) to hear about its newest goods and services. Apple refers such these as "Special Events" and broadcasts them to its millions of followers online.

Nothing will stop Apple from developing and releasing new products at a number of events even in the years 2020 and 2021. Apple stunned everyone with a mac event in January, and the company will return with another event soon to announce the most anticipated Apple products of this year, which may also include Apple's first VR headset and more.

The newest iPhones might not be available until at least October, and the next iterations of iOS, watchOS, and macOS might not be released until WWDC 2023, but some new products will be unveiled at the event in the spring of 2023.

When will Apple hold its spring 2023 event?

The third week of March, most likely on March 25, is when Apple is expected to hold its spring event, during which the company will introduce a number of new products, including the highly anticipated Reality Pro VR/AR headset. This is also rumoured to be the first live event of the year, and it will likely take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park with a live audience in addition to being live-streamed on Twitter, YouTube, and Apple's official website.

Event details for Apple in the spring of 2023

This spring's event is most likely to focus on Apple's entry into the virtual reality and augmented reality industries given that the company has yet to announce the next generation of its iPhone and that it recently unveiled its MacBook Pro laptop line. Tim Cook will probably go through the entire line-up of Apple products at the event before discussing the potential impact of AR and VR on how people view the world.