Exploring the World with Google's new search features

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Exploring the World with Google's new search features (Image: blog.google)
Exploring the World with Google's new search features (Image: blog.google)

Delhi : Today, Google LLC unveiled a number of new functions for its search engine that will make it simpler for users to book travel and lodging.

The corporation is attempting to strengthen its search engine as a tool for online shopping with the update. It previously unveiled a feature that employs machine learning to assist consumers in navigating online store product listings. A product's other iterations or unrelated goods that have some similarities to it can be discovered using this capacity.

Google claims that the initial set of features unveiled today would make it easier to access details about tourism attractions and tour operators. Now, when you look up a landmark or tour, the search results contain embedded ticket costs.

Also, there are connections to websites where tickets can be purchased in the search results. With today's upgrade, customers will be able to identify hotels more easily in addition to booking excursions more quickly.

Clicking a hotel listing on Google's mobile app now displays what the company calls a swipeable story feature. Users can swipe through a slideshow of images from hotel rooms on display. Reviews and details about the neighbourhood where a lodging place is situated are also provided by the function.

Together with the update, Google Flights, the search engine giant's flight booking service, is launching an improved version. Those who use the upgraded version will spend less on aircraft tickets overall.

In the days and weeks before takeoff, flight costs can change. With today's update, Google Flights will have the ability to predict when a ticket will be at its most affordable price. The service will add a badge to the appropriate listing to make that information known to users.

Google's vice president of travel products, Richard Holden, stated in a blog post that "if you see a flight with the price guarantee badge, it means we're certain that the price you see today won't fall much lower before takeoff." From now until your leave, "We'll check the price every day, and if it does go down, we'll send you the difference using Google Pay."

A few weeks after introducing a number of new travel features for Maps, the features are now becoming available. One of those features is a programme that makes 3D models of well-known sites using AI. To identify the entrance, check the weather, and obtain relevant information, travellers can look at a building's 3D model from above.