Free Up Space - Deleting Unwanted WhatsApp Photos, Videos & More in Just a Few Clicks

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Free Up Space - Deleting Unwanted WhatsApp Photos, Videos & More in Just a Few Clicks (Image: Pixabey)
Free Up Space - Deleting Unwanted WhatsApp Photos, Videos & More in Just a Few Clicks (Image: Pixabey)

Delhi : WhatsApp offers users more than just a chat feature; they can share and receive files, GIFs, stickers, and videos. To enhance user use and privacy, the meta-owned app often rolls out new features. As shared content and data from fresh updates accumulate in storage, the internal memory of the smartphone becomes clogged.

Due to the full storage, the device becomes sluggish, and even WhatsApp asks users to make room in order to keep using the service. To free up space, one must remove app data from their phone, including large videos, photographs, or files they no longer use.

Here are a few ways to organise your WhatsApp media and delete unnecessary items. But how do I access my WhatsApp storage?

Before deleting any data, make sure to check how much space WhatsApp is using up on your smartphones. Later, the items can be erased to make internal storage space available. To gain access to WhatsApp data:

Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and data to control storage. You can see how much of your phone's usable memory is being used up by WhatsApp media.

How to access and delete media from WhatsApp

After checking the storage, you may review the media and make room by removing anything that is large or has received a lot of transmissions. You may also take out media, just like in discussion. To review and delete media:

  • By pressing "Larger than 5 MB" under Manage Storage, you may choose a specific conversation.
  • You may also sort your media files by size, age, or newness by clicking the sort icon.
  • Tap to pick one or more media items, then tap to choose "delete."

Please be aware that even after you delete media from WhatsApp, it may still be available on your phone's storage. Remove it from the gallery as well in order to get rid of it for good.

If you accidentally lost certain files, you may also recover deleted WhatsApp images and videos.

How to use search to delete media from WhatsApp

You may also delete certain media files by using the new filter search feature.

  • Open WhatsApp CHATS and choose Search.
  • Whether you want to search and delete photographs, videos, or documents, choose the type of material you want to use.
  • You can tap and open the thing you want to take out.
  • Next, choose More > Delete.

How to change the quality restrictions for WhatsApp uploads

Users of WhatsApp have the option to impose limitations on the calibre of posted content. To make this happen-

  • Make WhatsApp Settings Active
  • The "Storage and data" option
  • Set the Media upload quality to Auto, Best quality, or Data saver.

The automatic download of media may also be managed by users, reducing the download of unnecessary files over a Wi-Fi or mobile connection.