#GetFitWithGoogle: Fit app to get in shape in 30 days

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30-day fitness challenge via Fit app
30-day fitness challenge via Fit app

New Delhi : For those whose new year resolution 2019 is fitness challenge, this Google app is for you. Yes, the company is offering 30-day fitness challenge via Fit app. It will help users to kickstart the new year with an active and healthier note. The fitness challenge will begin on 1st January and is already available to sign up.

So, Google is giving you a golden opportunity to transform from fat to fit. Interested people can register the app from now onwards, though the app will work from the New Year day and get set to get attractive physique/figure. Users will be able to earn Heart points from activities that one logs or tracks. The app automatically detects and logs the walks, bike rides and your runs. In this, the user's goal will be to get as many points as possible and one can score Heart Points for any activity that gets the heart beating. A user can get one point for each minute of moderate activity that can include picking up the pace while walking your dog and double points for other intense activities that include kickboxing and running.

To inspire users, Google has teamed up with 36 influencers from nine countries around the world that shows how they earn their Heart Points. One can follow #GetFitWithGoogle on Instagram and YouTube to see others tackle the challenge or even share tips and tricks on how to get fit with Google with your own Heart Points workout.