Google Street View covered over 10 million miles till date

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Google Street View covered over 10 million miles till date
Google Street View covered over 10 million miles till date

New Delhi : The Google has announced that they have covered a massive 10 million miles – a distance that can circle the globe 400 times - under the street view category.

The company has announced that the Google Earth now lets people to browse more than 36 million square miles of high definition satellite images from various providers - covering more than 98 per cent of the entire population - to see the world from above.

“While these stunning photos show us parts of the world we may never get a chance to visit, they also help Google Maps accurately model a world that is changing each day,” said Thomas Escobar, Senior Product Manager, Google Maps.

The idea of street view had started more than 12 years ago, then it was just a side idea to give people a street view of famous locations.

The company collects street imagery via a fleet of Street View cars, each equipped with nine cameras that capture high-definition imagery from every vantage point possible.

“These cameras are athermal, meaning that they are designed to handle extreme temperatures without changing focus so they can function in a range of environments,” Escobar added.

Each Street View car includes its own photo processing center and lidar sensors that use laser beams to accurately measure distance.

“These images show us critically important details about an area-things like roads, lane markings, buildings and rivers, along with the precise distance between each of these objects. All of this information is gathered without ever needing to set foot in the location itself,” said Google.