Instagram is cracking down on random DMs from strangers

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Instagram is cracking down on random DMs from strangers (Image:
Instagram is cracking down on random DMs from strangers (Image:

Delhi : Are you sick of receiving numerous DMs from Instagram users you don't follow? You can find a solution on the photo-sharing app owned by Meta. Instagram works to safeguard you against unsolicited messages from users you don't follow. Changes have been made to the platform's message system that make it more difficult for spammers to harass you.

In the past, even if you didn't follow them, anyone could send you as many messages as they wished. This may annoy and overwhelm you. However, Instagram has recently curbed this conduct. Someone who doesn't follow you can only send one message as an invitation to chat with you. The objective, according to Cindy Southworth, who oversees women's safety at Meta (the business that owns Instagram), is to provide users a sense of assurance and control over their inboxes. They want to eliminate spam and make the platform safer by limiting messages from unidentified users.

Cindy Southworth, Meta's head of women's safety, said in a statement to The Verge, "We want people to feel confident and in control when they open their inbox." We're testing new features that prevent users from receiving several messages, photos, or videos from people they don't follow until they've agreed to a chat invitation, so that's why.

Additionally, this communication is limited to text only. Therefore, you won't get any more unsolicited voice messages, videos, or images. Your email will feel more organized and secure as a result. There's still more, though! The sender may send you additional messages if you accept the invitation. They are unable to continuously message you unless you accept.

The "Requests" button is located above your inbox in the DM tab on Instagram, where you may access these message requests by clicking on it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you'll only see these requests if your privacy settings demand that users send a request before messaging you. This action is a component of a larger safety initiative by Meta. Stronger parental controls are also being implemented for Messenger and Instagram. Now that parents can see more of what their kids are doing on these apps, they can relax. Instagram hopes to give its users a better and safer experience with these modifications. As a result, you may talk with your pals without being concerned that spam would clog up your email.