WhatsApp accounts may soon require email authentication, check details

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WhatsApp accounts may soon require email authentication, check details (Image: pixabay.com)
WhatsApp accounts may soon require email authentication, check details (Image: pixabay.com)

Delhi : The messaging service owned by Meta, WhatsApp, has continually improved its security protocols to safeguard user data and privacy. The program already employs end-to-end encryption for private messages to maintain the privacy of users' material between the sender and the recipient. WhatsApp has also lately added a number of features, such as "silence unknown callers," "chat lock," and others, to improve account security. WhatsApp keeps its development team busy by adding new features since, despite all the advancements, the network continues to be a top target for hackers.

According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would let users utilize their email addresses for account verification in keeping with these security changes. WhatsApp will continue to make this email verification feature optional, according to reports from Wabetainfo. WhatsApp will need your email address if it is enabled in order to secure and validate your account.

Since the feature is still under development, little is known about the precise circumstances in which the email address will be helpful to strengthen WhatsApp account security. However, in some unclear circumstances, it might assist users in verifying their accounts. For instance, the email verification will assist users in accessing and logging into their account if a phone is stolen or they can no longer access the phone number associated with their WhatsApp account. When installing WhatsApp on a new device but the verification code is not arriving because of server or network issues, it can also be helpful.

It's crucial to remember that this feature will be optional and will not be the same as the one that asks for your email address during two-step verification configuration. In terms of accessibility, the function is presently under development and is anticipated to appear in upcoming app updates.

In the interim, WhatsApp has made public its June 2023 monthly report. The report details the complaints the platform received the next month and how it responded appropriately. Between June 1 and June 30, 2023, WhatsApp reportedly blocked 6,611,700 accounts belonging to Indian customers. While the majority of the accounts were shut down following user complaints, the audit notes that 2,434,200 accounts were deliberately shut down before any user complaints were made.

Notably, in accordance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, WhatsApp publishes its monthly users safety report each month. Details about WhatsApp's responses to numerous circumstances are provided in this article.

  1. Complaints received from users in India via WhatsApp's complaint features.
  2. Accounts that have had actions taken against them in India utilizing WhatsApp's prevention and detection tools as a result of breaking Indian law or the company's terms of service.
  3. The Grievance Appellate Committee's (GAC) orders.