Introducing the Apple Watch's AI app: What you need to know

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Introducing the Apple Watch's AI app: What you need to know (Image:
Introducing the Apple Watch's AI app: What you need to know (Image:

Delhi : Many of us have now used ChatGPT, an AI-based chat programme, either directly from its official website or as part of an application. Undoubtedly, we have done this without issue using our PC or iPhone, but there is also a way to accomplish it directly from an Apple Watch. thanks to the peteyapp, which was made especially for interacting with the trending chatbot.

Hidde van der Ploeg's proposal, which enables ChatGPT on the Apple Watch, was originally known as watchGPT but had to be altered to prevent trademark difficulties. After you have ChatGPT, you can carry out some of the most common tasks or address your own issues.

Petey adds the trendy chatbot to the Apple Watch

Thanks to text-to-speech technology, which the application uses to read the responses to you, Petey, which is currently available in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish, enables you to compose longer messages without writing.

If you wish to add a shortcut to your watch face, the app also has a built-in feature for that. As a result, it serves as a good substitute for using Siri.

Any question can be answered by Petey, and based on early assessments, these responses are frequently even more comprehensive than those of some other digital assistants. She can share the outcome of her interaction by text, email, or social media, and she can even have comments read aloud using Text to Voice.

A purchase of the Apple Watch

But this is just the start. Hidde van der Ploeg, the creator of Petey, intends to enhance the application with capabilities like having a whole discussion rather than just asking a question, as is the case at the moment.

However it's a practical technique to use ChatGPT on the indispensable iPhone ally. On Apple Watches running watchOS 9, Petey is only accessible as a payment app in the App Store for a single transaction of 4.99 euros.

The fact that Petey doesn't gather any user data is a good argument in favour of the investment. This implies that the developer cannot use adverts to monetize your data.

Due to ChatGPT's success, other applications have been developed and are now being included into the most common gadgets. Users may easily use ChatGPT from their Mac thanks to MacGPT, and from their iPhone they can benefit from a shortcut and link it with Siri.

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