Move over WiFi, here is LiFi

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  • New Delhi : 4G not just carried massive speed to devices but also an attitude which said who needs a WiFi. Well, here is something interesting.

  • A new technology LiFi has been introduced and it is believed to be 100 times faster than WiFi

  • Professor Harald Haas had discovered it in the year 2011 at University of Edinburgh

  • According to a report, pilot testing of LiFi proved that it is capable of transfering data at a speed of 1GBps with an ease

  • It is almost 100 times faster than currently available technologies

  • LiFi uses light to beam information via air

  • “While LiFi may not completely replace WiFi, the technologies could be used in parallel to create more efficient networks,” IBTimes UK reported.

  • Watch what professor Harald has to say about it