"Storycards," a no-code engagement platform by Gil Rabbi, has thrust him forward in the digital world

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"Storycards," a no-code engagement platform by Gil Rabbi, has thrust him forward in the digital world
"Storycards," a no-code engagement platform by Gil Rabbi, has thrust him forward in the digital world

New Delhi : There is a reason he is known as the engagement guru and digital pioneer of Israel, thanks to his tenacity and passion for creating digital products and improving engagement.

No one can ever deny how the world has been a witness to some of the greatest innovations and developments, thanks to the incredible talented minds and creative souls who have pushed the envelope and made sure to take forward their industries by combining cutting-edge strategies and ideas with their willingness to bring about a wave of great change in their respective niches. All this, however, is easier said than implemented, but a few rare gems have done even that and astounded the world in ways more than one. Becoming a part of the ever-growing and evolving digital world is one such outstanding and astute professional and entrepreneur who is today known as a digital pioneer; he is Gil Rabbi, the brain behind "Storycards" and "Rabbi Interactive Agency." Talking about the digital space achieving massive momentum, Rabbi says, "This was something that experts had predicted a few years ago; however, then hardly anyone believed in its potential, but thankfully today, things have really changed for the better and more and more people are coming forward to contribute their efforts in making things convenient, safe, easy for people they serve by innovating in the digital world, just the way I did with my ventures."

The start of a phenomenal digital tool.

Gil Rabbi, who serves as the Founder of "Storycards" a no-code engagement platform, says that many years ago, he did not believe he could pull off something as incredible as this, but today looking back, he realizes how far he has come with this venture of his, which is all about providing total freedom to users to create virtually any online engagement tool they need. They get the opportunity to mix, match, combine lead forms, quizzes, polls, and many other interactive experiences for designing their own engagement products. For 15 long years, he was all into creating and developing complex stuff for engaging users, but through the process, he realized how he needed to push growth forward, which led him to develop an internal product for enabling customers to develop products quickly. The success that followed helped Rabbi to pass on the knowledge to others through the platform allowing users to produce digital products without them needing to have any technical knowledge to create maximum user engagement. Quoting on it, he says, "We're only the tool. Storycards enable you to create any concept you choose and give you the freedom to design it without limitations."

Are no-coding apps easier to use?

The digital world thrives because it has been seeing the rise of no-code platforms like Storycards, says Gil Rabbi. He points out that Storycards focuses on custom solutions with no limits so the creator can build any product he wants, in his own special design, with his own fonts, with it becoming an integral part of the website, as though it was custom developed. Hence, it is definitely easier to use as there are no investments in resources or massive development hours; instead, it provides people with the support of the advanced editor to build professional as well as custom engagement products in a visual canvas entirely with no code.

Skills people need to use Storycards.

Would you be surprised if we say that the no-code platform can be used with basic knowledge? People only need to do basic working on the computer or mobile app. Talking about the kind of users for the platform, Gil Rabbi says that there are two types; one is designers, who design and create impressive and premium products and save thousands of dollars every month on development. The other are customers who create products quickly from some structure and get a unique process, where they create great products even without any technical knowledge, allowing them to create premium products.

Gil Rabbi has thrived Storycards with infusing AI, with his vision to make users stay longer on sites and apps to create maximum engagement.