Waving goodbye to unwanted calls with WhatsApp's upcoming mute feature

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Waving goodbye to unwanted calls with WhatsApp's upcoming mute feature (Image: unsplash.com)
Waving goodbye to unwanted calls with WhatsApp's upcoming mute feature (Image: unsplash.com)

Delhi : Fed up with WhatsApp spam calls? Or do you find it annoying when calls come in from unknown numbers? So, in order to prevent being bothered, WhatsApp will soon allow you to silence calls from unknown people. The "quiet unknown callers" feature, which will enable users to mute calls from erroneous numbers or contacts who haven't been saved, is being developed by the meta-owned instant messaging service.

Users will be able to block calls from unsaved contacts using the new feature, according to Wabetainfo. Currently, WhatsApp for Android is being worked on to add the capability. But, testing versions are anticipated to be made available soon.

When the functionality is available, users will be able to activate it by navigating to the app settings. All incoming calls from unknown numbers will be muted once enabled. Users will nonetheless see a notification in the notification area when a call comes in. In this manner, it is not necessary to mute all WhatsApp alerts or calls in order to stop spam calls.

Also, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will let users split the screen of the WhatsApp application. Users will be able to view two windows at once, such as a chat list, chat window, calls, or status tabs, using the new split screen option. Users will be able to simultaneously access and use two different WhatsApp sections thanks to this feature.

The messaging app is reportedly working on a new split-window functionality for its tablet version, according to a report by WABetaInfo. The feature will soon be made available to everyone and is currently available for testing in the Android tablet beta version. WhatsApp's new split interface can be seen in the most recent beta for Android

Once available, WhatsApp's new UI changes will let users multitask within the app by making use of a large number of tabs. By monitoring both discussions simultaneously in the split view, users will be able to change between them.

Users will also be able to manage and organize chats as well as respond to status updates and phone calls without quitting the current chat window thanks to the new split feature.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also developing a number of other features to improve user privacy and the platform's user interface. One of the upcoming updates will provide users the option to edit any sent WhatsApp message. For iOS users, a current development. Users will be able to alter any sent message within 15 minutes of the time frame using the new edit message tool.

Users will be able to do this without erasing the entire message, saving time from having to rewrite it, and amend any errors or add extra information to the original message. Although the functionality is still in development, it should soon be made available to WhatsApp iOS beta users.